Picture of the director Step Motors Steponas Nedzveckas

Steponas Nedzveckas

Steponas is the head mechanic and co-director of Step Motors. He has over 10 years of experience working at a Ford dealership where he achieved the rank of Senior Technician. Steponas is an expert on all things Ford and an excellent overall mechanic.

What We Do

Image of a mechanic using a tablet to perform electrical diagnostics
Eletrical Diagnostics & Repairs

We use up to date diagnostic technology to detect and fix electrical issues for even the newest vehicles

Image of the head mechanic performing electrical diagnostics while holding a diagnostics tablet device standing beside a vehicle with an open bonnet

We offer a free pre-NCT check service which provides you with a report of the condition of your vehicle and the areas on which it could fail the NCT test.

Image of an exhaust pipe
DPF Diagnostics

DPF: Diesel Particle Filter - One of the most common causes of issues for diesel engined vehicles. We find the root of DPF blockage issues and fix them

Image of an engine
Engine Diagnostics & Repairs

We diagnose and fix engine management system component (injectors, fuel pumps, turbo, EGR etc.) faults for both old and new vehicles.

Image of a vehicle's suspension system
Suspension Repairs

Over time components of the suspension system such as suspension arms, shock absorbers and ball joints wear and tear. At the Step Motors garage we identify the components which are worn and offer a replacement service.

Image of a vehicle's clutch placed on the ground
Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

Over time the clutch and flywheel are worn out and must be replaced in all vehicles.

Image of a can of AdBlue fluid

AdBlue combined with an SCR catalyst converter is the leading technology for reducing Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) in exhaust gasses which are created in the combustion process in diesel engines. This system breaks down exhaust gasses into harmless nitrogen and oxygen.
At Step Motors we find faults which are causing the AdBlue system to fail and repair them.

For a short informational video on AdBlue view this Short Youtube Video